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Monteiro Real Estate is an exclusive luxury real estate agency with a strong and reliable network of top players all around the world.
Our real estate portfolio is composed only by the most exclusive and unique properties in Europe in breath-taking locations.
"Whether you're looking for a stunning waterfront estate, a sprawling countryside mansion, or a sleek urban penthouse, Luis is the real estate agent who can help you find exactly what you're looking for. His years of experience in the luxury industry have given him a keen eye for detail and an unrivaled ability to understand his clients' needs and preferences."

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Monteiro Real Estate

Luis Monteiro is a successful businessman and entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in the luxury industry. Born and raised in Brasil, Luis has always had a passion for connecting people with the finer things in life. Over the years, he has forged strong relationships with some of the top players in the luxury market, including Bulgari, Four Seasons, Bentley, and other renowned brands.

With his extensive network of contacts and expertise in the luxury industry, Luis decided to venture into real estate. His goal is to provide the most affluent individuals with the best properties on the market, and to make a significant impact in their lives.

Luis's vibrant personality and warm demeanor make him an ideal partner for anyone looking to buy or sell high-end properties. He is passionate about creating strong relationships with his clients and providing them with a personalized, bespoke service that exceeds their expectations.
Luis Monteiro Real Estate